15 overlooked Wii Games to play on Wii U

Worried what to play on launch day? You might have missed these...

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11: Tatsunoko vs Capcom

You're probably familiar with Capcom, but possibly not with Japanese Animation studio Tatsunoko. Admittedly a lot of their featured characters will probably leave you scratching your head, but that doesn't detract from the barmy gameplay. Those familiar with Marvel Vs. Capcom, or any of Capcom's Marvel fighting games will feel right at home with this game, but simple gameplay systems give rookies a fighting chance too. Everything about TvC is over-the-top; characters jump two-screens high, Hadokens cover the entire screen, there's even a giant robot made entirely of gold. Fast, flashy and super-fun, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom is a rare treat for Nintendo-loyal fighting game lovers.

12: MadWorld


"Nintendo only has baby games," says your silly friend. Show this philistine MadWorld and then escort him or her off the premises. MadWorld is excessively violent, its hulking, square-jawed main character, Jack, runs around shoving enemies into walls of spikes, engaging in a round of 'Man Darts', chain-sawing faces and dumping bodies in bins. This is not one for the kids.

13: Eledees


Also known as Elebits, this Katamari-alike is best described as a shooter, players move objects freely around an environment using the Wiimote to find and capture the titular Elebits. Energy extracted (bit cruel) from the adorable pillow-like creatures is used in the exploration of the games many environments. Along with the simple hunt-and-capture gameplay, the fun of Elebits is also predicated on charming art, fun story, and intuitive controls.

14: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor


Treasure's previous outings the epitome of bullet hell, Star Successor refines the bewildering frantic gameplay to make it a little more elegant. That's not to say you won't find your senses utterly overloaded, oh no, it's stil weird and wonderful to be sure. This is not for the faint of heart, it's called a 'bullet hell' for a reason.

15: Dead Space Extraction


Rail shooters are a dime-a-dozen on the Wii. Capcom has released numerous Resident Evil flavoured rail shooters, which are of dubious quality, but take our word for it: Dead Space Extraction is a winner. Unlike the Resi games, Extraction preserves the series' survival horror roots, mixing in sections of all out gunfire with intense periods of calm with enemies skittering into the darkness before you can get your guns on them. Terrifying.

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