Crazy Taxi released for iPhone, iPad

When Sega said 'out soon' it meant really soon

Sega announced on Monday that Crazy Taxi would hit Apple's iOS devices this month. Well, go nuts because it's out now.


It's a full port of the Dreamcast classic, with the main mode and 16 mini games and the music from Offspring and Bad Religion.

As you'll see in the new trailer below, it's also got the classic voice over man who insists 'it's party time, let's have some fun', and Crazy Taxi's dodgy physics are as present and incorrect as ever. We wouldn't have it any other way.

There are optional tilt and touch controls, up-rezzed visuals thanks to the Retina displays, and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (iOS version 4.3 or later).

Sega has also confirmed today that the game is headed to Android "soon", so people who love to hate Apple can play too.

Get the iOS version here.

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