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New PS3 price shake-up: Offers start at £158

Discounts spread to older PS3 Slim models

Retailers across the UK are revising their PS3 prices as a new 12GB model launches today.


Supermarkets and mail-delivery outlets appear to be offering the most competitive prices, with many dropping below the £160 mark.

Meanwhile, it appears that the new low-price model has had a trickle-down affect, with competitive offers for the 'old' Slim model available.

PlayStation Europe recently told CVG the Slim model would be discontinued, meaning that the remaining stock is limited.

Here's a rundown of the best offers.

PS3 Super Slim 12GB

Morrisons (collection only): £158
Zavvi (free delivery): £159.85
Amazon (free delivery, bundle-deal on offer): £159.99

PS3 Super Slim 500GB

Tesco (free delivery or 'click and collect'): £229.99

Amazon (free delivery, bundle-deal on offer): £229.99

Old PS3 Slim 160GB

Tesco (free delivery or 'click and collect'): £188.00

Old PS3 Slim 320GB

Simply Games (£6 delivery): £199.99