NBA 2K13 sets franchise sales record

First week sales up 49 per cent on those of the previous fastest-seller

NBA 2K13 has become the fastest-selling entry in the basketball series' history.


2K Sports said today that first week of sales of the game were 49 per cent greater than those of the franchise's previous fastest-seller, NBA 2K11.

"Our early sales figures are a validation of our ongoing efforts to push this franchise to new heights," said Jason Argent, vice president of marketing for 2K Sports.

"We owe it to our great fans to continually improve our title - year in and year out - and that's exactly what we've done with NBA 2K13."

"Only poor navigation spoils an otherwise incredible sport sim," we said in our 9.3 NBA 2K13 review.

Last month EA announced the last-minute cancellation of rival basketball sim NBA Live 13.