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343 Industries 'unsurprised' by Halo 4 leak

Microsoft busy tackling 'inevitable' leaks

Halo franchise director Frank O'Connor has said developer 343 Industries is unsurprised and unfazed by the 'inevitable' Halo 4 leak.


Images of discs and videos of gameplay cropped up online late last week as it became apparent that copies of the game had managed to sneak out almost a month ahead of its official launch.

"There are people putting the whole thing on YouTube," O'Connor told Polygon at the New York Comic Con. "Microsoft is addressing that a single case at a time, it just takes a little while to handle," he added, before saying that the developer was unfazed by the leaks and won't impact marketing launch plans.

O'Connor shrugged nonchalantly as he said "This is how surprised I am about this," calling leaks of high-profile titles such as Halo 'inevitable'.

Microsoft said last week that it is "working closely with our security teams and law enforcement to address the situation".

Halo 4's release date is currently set for November 6.