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Sleeping Dogs DLC plans to scare

Released in time for Halloween

At New York's Comic-Con the developer of Sleeping Dogs revealed that a new DLC game mode, which arrives October 30, is titled 'Nightmare in Northpoint,' and it's set to scare.


The forthcoming DLC will provide new missions and story-driven extensions to the game, as opposed to racing, cop missions and customisation packs we've already seen.

United Front revealed to Kotaku that the DLC will have a horror theme - we guess that's why it's coming out October 30 (Halloween in case you were still wondering) - and will apparently be similar to what we saw in Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare.

United Front stated at Comic-Con that "with the DLC, we feel that we can explore other aspects of Hong Kong cinema."

Zombies is naturally the first thing that comes to mind, but the horror aspect of the DLC could mean a variety of things. What do you hope the DLC will entail?