No Xbox 360 price cut this year, says Microsoft UK

Company reveals range of retail offers for holiday spending season

The UK arm of Microsoft has poured cold water on speculation that it will reduce the RRP of the Xbox 360 in the lead up to the Christmas shopping season.


On Monday it was revealed that the North American arm of Xbox is going to slash $50 off both the 4GB and 250GB versions of the seven year-old console.

Off the back of opportunistic discounts of the PS3 across retail in the UK, due in part to the new 'Super Slim' model, eyes turned to Microsoft to see if the company would cut its prices.

But the company explained to MCV its full list of Xbox SKUs available this Christmas; none of which showed a standalone discount on the hardware.

Offers available include:

  • 250GB Christmas Value bundle inc. Skyrim and Forza 4 - £199
  • 250 Kinect Holiday bundle including Kinect, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports - £299
  • 4GB Kinect Holiday Value bundle including Kinect, Kinect Adventures and Kinect Disneyland - £249
  • 4GB Kinect and Nike+ Kinect Training bundle - £269
  • 320GB Halo 4 Limited Edition console - £269
  • 4GB White Gloss bundle - £149