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Hitman Sniper: Last chance to win a Joystick and meet Agent 47

Time's ticking if you want to win a Golden Joystick

The Hitman: Sniper Challenge has seen a lot of fine marksmen and marks-ladies compete this year in a sharp shooting duel worthy of master assassin Agent 47 himself.

However, the clock is really ticking down now to the deadline for entry to this year's Golden Joysticks ceremony, where the leading Hitman sniper will win the first ever public Golden Joystick and be presented with it live on stage by the voice of Agent 47 himself, David Bateson.

So you've got until this Friday 19th October to register and enter your score over at Hitman for a chance to win a Golden Joystick. Competition is sure to be fierce across PC, Xbox and PS3 as this is the first Golden Joystick to ever be won by a member of the gaming public. If you want details on how to enter, just simply follow this Hitman Sniper Challenge link to get involved.

As well as a sumptuous day at gaming's premier awards ceremony, you'll also be presented with your prize by David Bateson, who has provided the voice for Agent 47 and in every instalment of the series to date.

The Hitman Sniper challenge sees you taking on the role of Agent 47 and taking down Richard Strong and his dark-suited bodyguards in a welter of silenced bullets and sneaky stealth assassination. Our very own CVG video team has also created a number of guides to the art of assassination which you consult on CVG's YouTube channel to help boost your score.

Perhaps you'll be able to join the august company of last week's top rated snipers, PC: Gentleman_ who scored 2500650 on PC, daniels1989 who scored 2158462 on Xbox 360 and inonman who scored 5130418 on PS3.

That's it, good luck and good hunting!