Frobisher Says heading to Vita as a free download

If it's free, why not?

Frobisher Says is a collection of mini-games exclusive to the Vita with the main intention of showing off what the console can do. The game was released with the Vita in Europe, but North America missed out...until now.


Frobisher Says is like WarioWare, but with British humor. Vita owners in Europe have been able to enjoy the title since launch, but North America has been oddly left in the dark.

An announcement on the PlayStation Blog should have North American Vita owners quite happy. From October 23rd Frobisher Says will be available as a free download.

The game consists of 50 mini-games, which can be played with up to eight players, with every game using the different features that the Vita has to offer.

Frobisher Says is an entertaining little title, and as a free download it is worth checking it out.