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Rez creator resigns from Q Entertainment board

Mizuguchi takes up role as professor at a Japan university

Tetsuya Mizuguchi has stepped down from the Q Entertainment board of directors and accepted a position as project professor of the Graduate School of Media Design at Keio University,


Speaking to Eurogamer, a Q Entertainment representative confirmed Mizuguchi will be stepping away from game production for the time being.

However, the Japanese University has said Mizuguchi will "continue to produce games and further expand his expertise in the field of media design and innovative content production", suggesting his game-making days aren't over yet.

Prior to co-founding Q Entertainment, Miz - as he's fondly called by fans - produced a number of Sega's most popular titles, including Sega Rally, Sega Touring Car Championship, Rez and Space Channel 5.

As part of Q Entertainment, which he founded along with former Sega, Sony and Disney exec, Shuji Utsumi, Miz designed much-loved rhythm puzzle series Lumines, as well as Meteos, Every Extend Extra Extreme, and Child of Eden.

In more recent years the famed designer has taken a more hands-off approach. The studio's last title, Lumines Electric Symphony for the PS Vita, was produced by James Mielke, who has since joined PixelJunk developer Q-Games.