Microsoft Surface UK prices start at £400

New range of tablets priced competitively against iPad

Having yesterday revealed US Surface prices, Microsoft has detailed how much the upcoming range of tablets will cost in the UK.


The 32GB base unit is priced at £399, while the same model with a Touch Cover Keyboard will retail for £479. A 64GB version with Touch Cover Keyboard is available to pre-order for £559.

In comparison, a 16GB iPad 3 costs £399, a 32GB one £479 and a 64GB one £559 (Wi-Fi only models). Wi-Fi and 3G capable iPad 3s are £100 more expensive.

The baseline Surface model supports Windows RT, a customised tablet variant of the widely criticised Windows 8 operating system. Special 'pro' editions of Surface (with a more powerful processor and other miscellanea) will ship at a later date.

Microsoft has confirmed a Microsoft Surface release date of October 26, the same day as the Windows 8 release date

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