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Free: Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise DLC codes

Unlock every costume and all weapons with this free DLC

That most badly behaved of ursines Naughty Bear launched a brand new adventure last week on XBLA and PSN with Panic in Paradise, and we've teamed up with publisher 505 Games to give away 400 free Xbox 360 DLC codes.

These codes offer the ultimate Naughty Bear DLC pack, allowing you to unlock all weapons and costumes in the game to bring new levels of wickedness to your Naughty Bear adventures.

Simply enter the codes into your game to unlock some of Naughty Bear's most devious disguises, which you can see pictured around this page including:

  • Teddy Krubear
  • Jason Pawhees

  • Pennybear

  • Scream costume
  • Moljnpaw hammer

For further Naughty Bear thrills, don't forget that 505 Games is also running a splendid Naughty Bear competition giving you a chance to design your own Naughty Bear parody movie or game poster and upload it to the official Naughty Bear game page on Facebook.

As well as getting yourself a copy of Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise on either XBL or PSN, and a rather attractive Naughty Bear soft toy, the overall winner will also get a personal answer phone message recorded by Ashley Pannell, the narrator of the game. Hurry though because the competition closes on October 31.