New PlayStation Store now live in Europe, Sony working on launch issues

Speed of use "will improve greatly", fix coming for wallet funding problem

The new PlayStation Store is now live in Europe.


Sony has said the redesigned Store will make sifting through its some 20,000 pieces of game-related content "more streamlined and accessible".

We found that it features a cleaner, Xbox Livey interface which is also quite similar to Steam's Big Picture mode. There are also too many slow loading screens and steps required to download content, at this early stage at least.

Sony is aware of a number of launch day issues, which it's currently working to address.

"The speed will improve greatly over the next 24 hours or so as launch day creases are ironed out," the platform holder said this afternoon on the PlayStation Europe Twitter account.

"For anyone having trouble adding funds to your wallet on the new Store - apologies, this issue will be fixed in the next couple of hours," Sony added.

The updated PS Store went live in Australia this morning and is scheduled to launch in the US on October 23. We downloaded it earlier to bring you CVG's New PlayStation Store Video Guide.