Obama 'wins' Xbox Live presidential debate

President edges second showdown after limp opener

More than 100,000 Xbox Live customers watched Tuesday's second presidential debate - and virtual voters appeared to edge it in favour of the President.


Barack Obama came out fighting during the second debate in New York on Tuesday, with a clearer argument put to the Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

The debate on Xbox Live served more than two million real-time responses from viewers, Microsoft said, with each question being answered by an average of 35,000 to 40,000 users.

Among the small percentage of self-declared 'swing voters', about 51 per cent said Obama had won the debate, with 17 per cent choosing Romney. A third remained undecided.

A fifth of all Romney supporters said Obama had won the debate, while just 2 per cent of Obama backers said the debate went to the Republican.

Outside of Xbox Live, a snap CNN poll of registered voters who watched gave the debate to Mr Obama 46 to 39.