Carmageddon is free on iOS if you're quick

Celebratory day-one offer to mark launch of the vehicular combat classic

Grab yourself some good old gory vehicular combat today on iOS - Carmageddon is out for Apple devices and it's free - for now.


Developer Stainless Games is offering the 1997 PC classic at no cost for its launch day only (just a few hours left, so don't hang about), after which it'll cost $1.99.

Carmageddon, for those who don't remember it, earned itself a reputation for being one of the most graphically violent and gory games of its time (pedestrian liquidation, anyone?) - and was censored in numerous countries including, temporarily at least - the UK.

The iOS version has the obvious control adjustments to work on a touch screen device, iCloud support, YouTube video uploads, Game Center and is already optimised for the iPhone 5's 4-inch Retina screen.

Later ports to PlayStation, N64 and other formats were poorly received. But hey, it's on your phone and it's free-ninety-nine. Can't complain.