Rare recruiting for Windows 8 mobile/tablet projects

Dev working on "some amazing new projects"

It appears that Rare is working on new projects for mobile and tablet devices running on Microsoft's new Windows 8 platform.


Microsoft has posted a couple of job listings for positions on a "Windows 8 development team" at Rare (via Kotaku).

According to the listings, Rare is in need of a 2D UI artist "to create amazing art for Windows 8 Mobile and Tablet devices".

A separate listing for a lead game designer is a little less candid, but does specify the position is on Rare's "Windows 8 development team", and asks that the candidate have "experience of working from end-to-end [in] a mobile gaming /interactive entertainment business".

Elsewhere, the listings say, "Rare is continuing to evolve and push the boundaries of innovation in entertainment with some amazing new projects."

Nothing official has been announced, but it certain seems that Rare is ready to tackle mobile. N64 remakes, anyone?