Mario, Zelda characters invade Scribblenauts Unlimited Wii U

Wii U version gets a neat bonus feature

Characters from the Mario and Zelda universes will make an appearance in Scribblenauts Unlimited on Wii U - if you call for them.


The iconic Nintendo cast will co-star in the Wii U version of the game as exclusive bonus content, developer 5th Cell confirmed today.

The teaser image on this page shows that all the usual suspects from both worlds will be tucked away inside the game's vaults, but 5th Cell hints that players will have fun trying to unlock every character and "object" available from the Nintendo franchises.

According to the blurb, "Players will delight in producing fantastical and sometimes hilarious interactions between the Mario and Legend of Zelda characters and objects. Discovered Nintendo characters and objects will behave in the fun and fantastical ways they do in their respective game worlds."