Lionhead evolving into 'Entertainment as a Service' studio

Job vacancy hints at Fable developer's future

An advert for a job opening at Lionhead has offered insight into the future of recently downsized Fable developer Lionhead.


The vacancy post puts the call out for a 'Business Strategy & Analytics Manager' who will be a "key participant in the transformation of Lionhead from a retail focused game developer into a provider of Entertainment as a Service".

In industry parlance, 'Entertainment as a Service' refers to the practice of continually supporting games with downloadable content and post-release updates, as well as expanded media such as animated shorts, comics and fiction.

Following the successful completion of Fable: The Journey, Microsoft confirmed it has issued redundancies to "less than ten per cent of staff" at the Guildford based studio. In its official statement the platform holder confirmed production on Lionhead's next projects "has begun".

In May a LinkedIn profile alluded to RPG with MMO elements of Microsoft's next home console and the "a major brand new IP", sparking speculation that the studio may be working on a new massively multiplayer game for the next Xbox.