XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC hinted at by Steam achievements

Minor potential spoilers inside...

A number of Steam achievements for XCOM: Enemy Unknown hint at possible upcoming DLC for the game.


The image below was posted by a player on the 2K Games forums (via PC Gamer).

It features a list of achievements awarded for completing "Confounding Light," "Deluge," "Friends in Low Places," "Gangplank" and "Portent," which sound very much like new missions not currently featured in the game.


We said in our 9.2 XCOM: Enemy Unknown review: "A polished turn-based shooter that harks back to the golden era of strategy games."

The general consensus seems to be that Firaxis has crafted one of the best strategy titles in a long time - see what other critics thought in our XCOM: Enemy Unknown review round-up.

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