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'I really don't understand all the Silent Hill Homecoming hate'

Is Double Helix Games' sequel better than we give it credit for?

On this week's mailbox we've got Bill Boreham, who got in touch to say he doesn't see any issue with Silent Hill Homecoming. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.


Still playing Silent Hill Homecoming, and I really don't understand all the hate − it's a great game. The characters are interesting, the world has been designed well. Soundtrack's nice, as always.

Many people complained that it's not as creepy as the other games, but for me that's a good thing − I can actually enjoy exploring the world for once without the constant tension. I'm actually enjoying it a lot more than Silent Hill 2. Maybe I'm just losing it, who knows?

PSM3 says: Ignoring your heretic comments about Homecoming being better than Best Horror Game Ever Silent Hill 2 for a moment, Bill, you raise a good point. Homecoming isn't too bad. Our reviewer's main issue with it was that it never tries to be anything more than competent. It's happy to be a mediocre Silent Hill game, but if you just want to spend more time in that world, perhaps that's all you need.

CVG says: The series is definitely a bit stuck in its ways, which we mentioned in our Silent Hill Homecoming review. Arguably the biggest problem with Homecoming was that the controls were a little difficult to get on with, other than it was a bit of slouch in the graphics department too. Unremarkable is how I'd describe it. And that's a shame.