New PlayStation Store launch issues persist

Roll-out plans postponed in some countries while "teething issues" are resolved

Sony says it's working to fix the issues which have prevented the firm from launching the new PlayStation Store in a number of European territories.


In a statement issued to CVG this afternoon, the platform holder said: "The phased launch of the new PlayStation Store has been temporarily postponed in some territories as teething issues related to the global roll-out of the Store are being addressed and resolved.

"It is really important to us that the best possible Store experience is delivered and we appreciate your patience as we resolve these matters.

"The new PlayStation Store is now live in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, India, Israel and South Africa."

The redesigned Store briefly launched in the UK yesterday but it is no longer available to download. Those who did manage to download it have since been reverted to the old version.

For a walkthrough of what the new Store has to offer, check out CVG's New PlayStation Store Video Guide.