Wii U voice chat: Only 'select games' supported, no official headset planned

Here's how online communication will work on Nintendo's new console

Only "select games" will support voice chat on Wii U, Nintendo has confirmed.


They include Assassin's Creed 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Mass Effect 3, the platform holder told Kotaku.

There will be no official Wii U headset, so users wanting to chat online will need to pick up an officially licensed Turtle Beach or Mad Catz one which can then be plugged into the GamePad (they're all wired at the moment, too). The built-in GamePad microphone and speaker won't support voice chat.

Meanwhile the Xbox 360-like Wii U Pro Controller, which can be used to play Black Ops 2, doesn't even feature a port to connect a headset, meaning you'll have to have your GamePad close to hand if you want to chat while using the Pro Controller.

In its summary, Kotaku offered the following information about Wii U voice chat:

  • No universal support for in-game voice chat
  • Game-by-game support for in-game chat
  • The GamePad mic will not, by default, work as an input for in-game voice chat
  • The Wii U will support wired headsets (and possibly mic-enabled headphones), but only through the Wii U GamePad
  • No news yet about whether wireless headsets can or will be supported

Nintendo has confirmed a Wii U release date of November 18 in the US, and a Wii U release date of November 30 in Europe. The company has set the US Wii U price at $299 for the basic model, while the UK Wii U price starts at £230.