BioWare outlines free-to-play restrictions for SWTOR - With a video!


Free-to-play is great, but as the saying goes you can't have your cake and eat it too. SWTOR is introducing a F2P model, but those who don't want to spend the money will find their game has restrictions.

BioWare has provided a video to explain the restrictions in place for the F2P version of SWTOR.
If you prefer to listen to people explain the new features and restrictions, scroll down and watch the video. If you prefer to simply just read them, well you can do that too.

New features and restrictions are as follows:

  • Three Flashpoints per week
  • Three Warzones per week
  • Three Space Missions per week
  • The option to buy a weekly premium pass
  • Inventory expansion and cargo hold restrictions
  • Field revivals upon death are restricted
  • Character creation restrictions
  • Limited quick travel
  • Restrictions on login wait time
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