007 Legends review round-up: Try another day

All the review scores in one place...

Activision and Eurocom's Bond title has received a cold reception from critics. In our 007 Legends review we awarded the game 4.0 and said it "fundamentally mishandles the franchise".

"More CoD than Bond, 007 Legends spectacularly betrays a 50-year film franchise and breaks several intellectual property laws in the process."

We're not the only one left dejected by the mish-mash of Bond's exploits, critics have started posting their reviews of 007 Legends and we've gathered them all up for you. Cast your eyes downwards.

  • IGN: 4.5 - An abhorrent 'tribute' to the history of the British super spy that doesn't just take liberties - it takes the piss. At a time when early reports suggest the celluloid Bond is reaching a new high with Skyfall, it's a shame that his video game counterpart has reached his digital downfall.
  • GamesRadar: 2.5/5 - Bond's latest shooter is barely kept afloat throughout the five-hour-long campaign, but while it has a smattering of good ideas, they're buried beneath concepts so tired, you'll have a hard time caring. It's a game filled with occasional highs and frequent lows--and you'll be thrown between them so quickly and haphazardly that you'll be lucky to make it through 007 Legends without whiplash.
  • GiantBomb: 2/5 - The idea of an anthology-like tribute to Bond films of the past isn't a bad one, but 007 Legends wastes whatever potential for fun there might have been. Instead, all Bond fans are left with is a heavily rewritten, Cliff's Notes version of some great (and not-so-great) films with a bunch of forgettable shooting and stealth sequences shoved into the mix. Ultimately, nothing 007 Legends offers is worth the effort of trudging through it.
  • GameZone: 4.5 - 007 Legends had a great idea to build on, but Eurocom misses the shot on several occasions, between bland gameplay segments, technical frustrations and the missing ending that fans deserve. If you need a quintessential Bond experience, go with Goldeneye.
  • GamingTrend: 69 - My biggest complaint with 007 Legends is that it lets you see the best part of our favorite Bond movies, but doesn't let us play them. You are either shooting, hacking something to do more shooting, driving to where you'll do more shooting, or waiting to press buttons in the weak melee system so you can get to the next level of shooting. Bond has more depth than this, and 50 years of movies proves that.