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Rockstar launches GTA 5 Facebook page, wants your Crews ideas

GTA activity slowly building ahead of the game's next reveal

Rockstar has launched an official Facebook page for Grand Theft Auto V.


There's no new info on the game or fresh media, but we don't expect it to stay that way for too long.

After an agonising wait, the studio is gearing up for the next GTA 5 reveal, with the open world action game set to adorn the cover of Game Informer's December issue.

Rockstar has also asked fans to let it know what they'd like to see in GTA 5 Crews. Launched with Max Payne 3, "Crews are groups of Social Club members who form persistent teams to compete and earn exclusive rewards in game and on the Social Club website."

While we're still awaiting official news on the GTA 5 release date, past financial guidance from publisher Take-Two implied it'll launch before the end of the company's business year on March 31, 2013.

Rockstar released the latest batch of GTA 5 screenshots in August, showing off a police chase featuring plenty of cars and a chopper.