Hurry! Golden JoySticks voting ends today...


Voting for the Golden JoySticks closes at 12pm on Monday 22nd October. That's today people. If you haven't voted, you owe it to your fave games of the past year to sort that out. beckons, as does a potential £4k of tech swag from our kind sponsors hmv.

Secondly, for the first time ever the GamesMaster Golden Joysticks Awards - celebrating their 30th Anniversary don't 'cha know - are being *live streamed on our voting site from Friday 26th October 3pm BST* in conjunction with YouTube.

That means game fans that've once again helped us smash last year's Guinness World Record for votes cast in any gaming awards will now be able to watch their heroes pick up gongs as they're announced. Result.

Close Close

The Golden Joysticks shortlists include AAA behemoths like Skyrim to pop culture phenomena like Angry Birds and indie smashes like Journey - but we're also keen to recognise gamers, with an inaugural YouTube Gamer Award that pits the likes of yogscast against InTheLittleWood, TheSyndicateProject and others.

Getting back to the videogames, we have a menagerie of tasty, world exclusive reveals from the likes of Square Enix, Namco Bandai and THQ plus a special appearance that's gonna blow your socks clean off!

So that url again -

Get involved, and help us make it a 30th Anniversary to remember.