New PlayStation Store 'postponed' in US

October 23 launch cancelled with no new date offered

SCEA has postponed the launch of the new PlayStation Store in US and associated territories following the troubled launch in Europe and UK.


Sony has ditched the planned October 23 US launch of the new-look store to allow its developers time to "complete the final phases before launch", according to a statement from Sony Network Entertainment VP, Eric Lempel.

The firm offers no new date, saying only that it will update with a revised launch "soon".

The new PS Store went live briefly in UK earlier this week before being widespread issues prompted its swift withdrawal and those already using it were diverted back to the old store. As in the US, SCEE is yet to confirm a UK 're-launch' date as it commits to ironing out the "teething issues".

Here's Lempel's full statement regarding the US launch:

"As you may know, we launched the new PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 earlier this week in Australia, New Zealand and several countries in Europe. Although the new PS Store is operating smoothly in most countries, there have been some issues that caused inconvenience for users.

"While we've already solved many of these issues, we've decided to postpone the October 23rd launch of the new store in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. We want to be certain that you have an exceptional experience with the new store, so we appreciate your patience as we complete the final phases before launch.

"We'll update you as soon as a new release date has been set. Until then, the existing PS Store will be fully operational with the game, movie and TV content that you enjoy today."