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Borderlands Legends spotted for iOS

Original Vault Hunters return in mobile game

Borderlands Legends, a spin-off "specifically designed for mobile and tablet" has been outed by the official Borderlands 2 digital strategy guide.


According to the ad, which was spotted by Gearbox forumites, Borderland Legends will be out in October and is a wave-based survival game starring the quartet of Vault Hunters from the first Borderlands.

"Control Mordecai, Lillith, Brick and Roland and take out the oncoming wave of enemies. Collect in-game cash by destroying enemies and purchase new weapons. Earn experience and level up your characters, unlocking new skills and abilities! Each character has their own set of unique skills and abilities, use them wisely to survive!"

The ad also touts "randomised mission", "thousands of different weapons", "strategic cover system" and a "fight for your life mode".

We praised Gearbox's sequel in our Borderlands 2 review for its "sharp sense of humour", "slick destructive multiplayer" and "utterly compelling, can't-stop-yourself loot collecting".

Last week new Borderlands 2 DLC introduced an additional area, characters, weapons and a rarity level with 'Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty'.