New PlayStation Store 'now live across Europe'

Sony claims to have solved launch problems

The PlayStation Store update delay issues have ended across Europe, Sony has claimed.

The updated online shopping portal was due to launch in the UK on October 17th yet unknown issues had blocked the roll-out.

On Monday PlayStation claimed the delay was over, claiming on its official Twitter feed: "The new PlayStation Store is now live in all EU territories".

It is believed that the PlayStation Store update is still affected by delay in certain US territories.

Along with a TV-optimised design layout, the new Store features improved hub pages for games as well as an all-new search function.

It also appears to be slower than its predecessor, with what seem to be elongated loading screens and a more protracted journey between selecting and downloading content.

Sony says the redesigned Store will make sifting through its some 20,000 pieces of game-related content "more streamlined and accessible".