BioShock Infinite: 3 new screenshots

Pre-order bonus 'Industrial Revolution' also detailed - play to earn in-game items

2K Games has sent over three new BioShock Infinite screenshots.

Originating from the 'Beasts of America' BioShock Infinite trailer released over the weekend, the screens provide another look at the gorgeous floating city of Columbia, a family eating ice cream, and a combat move being launched from the Sky-Line (a mode of transportation).

2K Games also confirmed the previously rumoured pre-order bonus BioShock Infinite Industrial Revolution. It's a puzzle game in which players assume the role of a factory worker in Columbia. Completing challenges will teach users more about the warring factions in the game and earn them in-game rewards. Screenshots of Industrial Revolution can be seen below too.

Irrational Games announced BioShock Infinite Premium and Ultimate Songbird Editions last week. Back in May publisher 2K delayed the BioShock Infinite release date from this October to February 26, 2013.

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