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First Hitman Absolution review: OPM goes with 9/10

Hitman "perfected in what is probably a peak for the series so far"

The first Hitman Absolution review has arrived in the form of a 9/10 in Official PlayStation Magazine UK.

The verdict is featured in the latest issue of the mag, which is arriving with subscribers now and hits shops on October 27. Here's a choice quote from the OPM review:


"Here [Hitman has] finally been perfected in what is probably a peak for the series so far. It takes the ideas that made the original games so great and presents them in a modern context of checkpoints, hints and forgiveness but without sacrificing any of the challenge, excitement or shivery-skinned thrill of pulling off some impossibly and beautifully planned hit."

Meanwhile, Official Xbox Magazine has also given the game a 9/10 in its Hitman Absolution review, calling it a triumph of stealth and sandbox design that "retains everything that fans have ever loved about the series".

Publisher Square Enix has confirmed a Hitman: Absolution release date of November 20. Get our most recent thoughts on the game in this Hitman Absolution preview published earlier this month.