Max Payne 3 screens: A guide to the 'Hostage Situation' DLC maps

Rockstar offers overhead views and tips to all four maps

Rockstar has released overhead images of the four new maps coming to Max Payne 3 via the 'Hostage Situation' DLC, with handy annotated tips for each one.


Rockstar recently confirmed an October 30 release date for the new DLC pack, which will usher in four new multiplayer maps, as well as new items, weapons and a new avatar faction called the Filhos De Ogum.

Two of the maps appear to be taking inspiration from early levels in the single player, with Club Moderno and Esadio Do Galatians taking place in nightclubs and a stadium respectively. Elsewhere, O Palacio Strip Club and Favela Heights are both set in Favelas.

It'll cost 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live or $9.99 on PlayStation Store and PC.