Hitman Sniper Challenge: October's monthly prize winners revealed

Did you make Agent 47's killer list?

The Hitman Sniper challenge has been one of the most exciting shoot outs this year and with competition hotting up to secure those final places in the grand final at this year's Golden Joysticks, we're now ready to announce the winners for October's monthly prize.


So step forward the winner for the PS3 competition, jdavis1964, who scored 6,979,178 with some splendid dead-eyed shooting.

For the Xbox 360, the top marksman was michaelyates1964 who scored 6,674,697. On PC, the king of the silent assassins was Darksdaemon with 6,440,866

Well done to you three an iPad, Sennheiser U-320 headphones, Hitman goodies and much much more are on the way to you as we speak.

The final league tables are presented below and runners-up can expect the cheeky Agent 47 figure pictured on this very page for their hard work and dedication.

'But wait' we hear you cry 'it's still October why close so early?'

Well the competition has closed a little early this month because the highest-rated marksmen and marksladies have been competing for the ultimate Hitman Sniper Challenge prize - a showdown in the grand final at this Friday's Golden Joysticks, where they'll step up to the mark to shoot for a Golden Joystick presented by David Bateson, the voice of Agent 47 live on stage at the show!

The ultimate assassin will also get their face scanned to go in Hitman Absolution and have the highest honour of wining the first Golden Joystick to be awarded to a member of the public.

So keep them peeled on CVG for more details on that shortly, but in the meantime congratulations to all the worthy Hitman Sniper Challenge winners!

Hitman Sniper Challenge: October Winners

PS3: Jdavis1964 (scored 6,979,178)

Xbox: michaelyates1964 (scored 6,674,697)

PC: DarksDaemon (scored 6,440,866)

Second place

PS3: 'Hobovitch' (scored 6,470,812)

Xbox: 'ShaziraThalia' (scored 6,430,429)

PC: 'Gentleman_' (scored 2,500,650)

Third place

PS3: 'kowbi7' (scored 4,780,132)

Xbox: 'lazycritic' (scored 5,943,402)

PC: 'Kain_666' (scored 2,416,583)