SimCity release date slips to March 2013

Game was previously expected to hit PC and Mac next February

EA has confirmed a SimCity release date of March 8, 2013.


The launch timing represents a slight delay, with the publisher having previously announced a February 2013 SimCity release date window.

EA says the PC and Mac game will offer both "veteran fans and new players a fun, dynamic experience, underpinned by GlassBox, the most complex simulation engine in its class". It's expected to carry a PEGI 7 age rating.

We said in our first SimCity preview: "After the disappointing last game, and accusations that Maxis are increasingly appealing to casual gamers, it's reassuring to see just how deep and strategic the new SimCity is."

The most recent SimCity trailer focused on natural disasters, which occur randomly in the game. It showed meteorites, tornadoes and earthquakes, plus the arrival of hostile UFOs.

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