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Blog: Latest Assassin's Creed clothing will make you look like a dapper badass

I'm very wary of video game apparel.

Most of the time it's just a giant logo on a cheap t-shirt. On the desperate occasion I'm forced to throw one on it invariably ends up looking like the Michelin Man has a new sponsor. And is it just me or do they make you sweat way more than you usually would? No? Just me then.

But now and then I'll spot something that that tickles my fancy. Something that looks classy, well-made and has subtle references. The Deus: Ex Human Revolution Collection for example.

Unfortunately, the cost of representing your love of a game without looking like a total sweat-patch goof is high - you've got to cough up some serious cash for the good stuff.

Adam Jensen's slick trench coat costs €189,00, Leon's leather jacket is part of a £900 package and the list goes on.

The latest is Musterbrand's line of Assassin's Creed clothing, a collection of spiffy T-shirts, hoodies and jackets that I'm currently battling the urge to snap up. I could really do with a smart new jacket...


Judging by the images here you'll have to buy multiple items and wear it all at once if you want to look like a bad ass modern day assassin. That's going to hurt the bank balance.