Windows 8 Store will sell 18-rated games after all

But policy change unlikely to come into effect until December

Microsoft has reversed its decision not to sell 18-rated games through the Windows 8 Store, which it has put down to a ratings policy mix-up.


PEGI 18 games that also receive a Mature rating in the US from the ESRB will now be sold through the digital marketplace in Europe, Windows corporate VP of web services Antoine Leblond told Gizmodo.

The old policy would have barred the sale of games including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, Max Payne 3, Sleeping Dogs, Dishonored and Mass Effect 3.

However, the change won't go into effect for some time, likely not until December but definitely before the end of the year. Until then you'll still be able to play 18-rated games while running the operating system, but they just won't be available from Microsoft's online store.

Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface launched today.