GJA: Ultimate Game of the Year goes to Skyrim

Triple award haul for Bethesda's brilliant RPG

A jubilant Bethesda today picked up the final and most prestigious prize at the 30th anniversary hmv Golden Joystick Awards as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was named Ultimate Game of the Year.


Bethesda's title took home three awards in total, including gongs for 'Best RPG' and 'Top Gaming Moment'. We awarded the game a 9.5 in our Skyrim review.

The Ultimate Game of the Year category was immensely competitive, with EA's flagship shooter Battlefield 3 taking a respectable second place, and Blizzard RPG Diablo 3 coming in third.

Over four million votes were cast in this year's Golden Joysticks - almost twice the previous Guinness World Record-breaking best.

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