Wii U Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be cheaper via eShop

16GB downloadable version hints at discounted eShop releases for Wii U

Namco Bandai has confirmed that Tekken Tag Tournament will be released on Wii U as both a retail and downloadable game.


The download version headed to the Japanese Wii U eShop will weigh in at a massive 16.7GB - more than half the capacity of the Premium Wii U's internal memory - reports Siliconera.

But what's even more notable is that Namco has confirmed the eShop version will be cheaper - in Japan at least. The physical disc will cost 6,980 yen ($87, £54) while a digital copy will be 6,280 yen ($78, £49).

Nintendo's decision to charge more for digital versions of 3DS games than it does for physical copies was the topic of much debate when it began selling retail titles via the 3DS eShop back in August.

Nintendo is yet to detail its pricing strategies for Wii U eShop games, but Tekken's Japanese pricing could be a promising sign of digital offerings coming at prices discounted below their physical counterparts on the new console.