US GT Academy 2012 season airs from November 1

Six-part season beamed out via Spike TV

This year's US GT Academy tournament will begin airing on Spike TV from November 1.


The six-part season will be shown at 11:30pm Pacific Time, each Thursday from that date, and will each also be uploaded to the Nissan YouTube channel the following Monday.

For those unaware, GT Academy is a competition hosted by Sony and Nissan, which sees Gran Turismo 5 players compete in a series of online competitions before 16 finalists duke it out in real life at Silverstone in Nissan 370Z sport cars. A single winner goes on to become a real-life racing driver for Nissan.

"In July, after three months of online competition, the top 32 out of 400,000 registered Gran Turismo online gamers met at Comic-Con in San Diego to determine the 16 finalists for GT Academy 2012," says Sony.

"After two days of virtual racing competition on identical gaming sleds, the fastest 16 were invited to the legendary Silverstone Racing complex in England to begin an intense boot camp that combined physical and psychological challenges in addition to on-track driving in a variety of performance vehicles."

Check out a preview below.

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