Assassin's Creed 3: Ten essential tips for becoming a Master Assassin

Win every fight, hunt like a pro, master naval combat

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Broadly speaking, the quickest way to move around is by using the map screen to Fast Travel between key location markers. This can be done within your current area, but once you unlock multiple areas you can also zoom out to the full East Coast map then zoom in to a different area and Fast Travel to markers there.

On foot while holding R1/RT to run, you can additionally hold X/A or Circle/B as you approach low obstacles to quickly vault over them without breaking your stride, which is useful when sprinting to a destination or evading pursuers.

Moving on foot when snow has fallen can be very slow, though you will walk/run faster if you stick to marked paths that also appear on the mini-map. Climbing trees where possible and running through the branches will also allow you proceed much quicker.

For travelling longer distances on the ground the best way to get around is by riding horses, which are often found near settlements and buildings. Later in the game you unlock the Horse Whistle tool, which can be equipped and used to summon a horse to your side immediately.



Keep an eye on your map for missions marked with the Homestead icon, as completing these will recruit new settlers to live on and improve your land. This will then open up further missions with each of these settlers, which should be completed to increase the number of items you can obtain from them.

The Accounting Book found in the Manor gives you access to the following options:

  • Stockpile: allows you to buy items from settlers and shows what you currently own
  • Crafting: use recipes or experiment with mixing artisans and resources to make new items
  • Trading: put items into convoys that are then sold on for a profit

Recipes used for crafting can be unlocked in a number of ways. Some are received after completing main story missions, and others can be found by looting the Treasure Chests found in each area. Special recipes used to craft Benjamin Franklin inventions are discovered by collecting the floating Almanac pages in Boston and New York, with each completed Almanac unlocking a new recipe.

As soon as possible you should craft additional Land Convoy wagons and Land Convoy Capacity Upgrades, as these will allow you to trade more items at a time. If you haven't already found the recipes they are:

  • Land Convoy: Woodworker + Oak Lumber & Oak Bark (bought from Lumberer)
  • Land Convoy Capacity Upgrade: Woodworker + Pine Lumber & Kindling (bought from Lumberer)

You are then ready to start trading, so get those wagons loaded up. Once you've chosen the item to trade you'll need to select the merchant to send it to, and highlighting each one will reveal the potential profit to be had. Bear in mind you need to have visited the merchant's store at least once to be able to trade with them, so it's worth calling in at each one as soon as possible to give yourself more options.

Make sure you weigh up the travel time, risk and tax to make the most profitable decision. The tax rate is governed by how many Forts in the destination area remain under Templar control, so by taking these over as soon as possible you can increase your profits considerably. The greater the travel time the longer you'll have to wait to receive payment and the higher the risk the more likely it is your convoy will be attacked. If you receive a notification that your convoy is under attack then you have a limited amount of time to either travel to the area and defeat the hostiles yourself, or send in recruits from your Assassin's Guild using the Defend Convoy option that appears in the Guild menu.

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