Hitman Absolution dev diary focuses on 'dynamic audio'

IO Interactive discusses creating a believable, open-ended world

Square Enix has released a new Hitman Absolution developer diary focusing on the audio work that has gone into the game.


Thomas Bärtschi, audio director at developer IO Interactive, says: "The whole audio direction and the dramatic score part of the game has been a very strong focus from the beginning because we knew that a game that is so open-ended as a Hitman game, the player can always do whatever he wants or go in any direction and take on the game in any direction that he wants."

Square Enix has confirmed a Hitman Absolution release date of November 20. The first Hitman Absolution review scores arrived last week in the latest issues of OPM and OXM, with both publications awarding it a 9/10.

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