Final Fantasy XIV makes way for 'A Realm Reborn' on November 11

Square prepares for the seque, releases new character creation trailer

Square Enix has detailed its final plans for Final Fantasy XIV's transition to the new and improved 'A Realm Reborn'.


The firm will save all player data on October 31 for the final time, before a story event leads players smoothly to the final closure of all the worlds in the game at Midnight on November 11.

Character data will be carried over wholesale to A Realm Reborn.

The Alpha test will go live shortly after the November 11 closure, and Square is currently only inviting current Final Fantasy XIV account holders to participate. You can apply through on the official site.

Meanwhile, Square Enix has also released the below new video showing off A Realm Reborn's new character creation features. Check it out below:

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