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Halo 4 DLC: Spartan Ops season 1 trailer

Weekly add-ons will essentially form a sequel to the main game

Microsoft has released a new trailer for Halo 4's Spartan Ops DLC season.


Each week the platform holder will release five 10-15 minute long Spartan Ops missions as DLC. Set around six months after the events of the campaign they'll essentially form a sequel to the main game focusing on two Spartan squads, Crimson and Majestic, rather than furthering Master Chief's storyline.

Season one of Spartan Ops will consist of ten episodes and 50 missions, which will be included in the retail price of the game.

Microsoft has confirmed a Halo 4 release date of November 6. Earlier this month it also released the Halo 4 launch trailer.

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