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GTA 5 release date: Spring 2013 confirmed by GAME

"Pre-order now to avoid disappointment," says UK retailer

UK retailer GAME has seemingly confirmed a GTA 5 release date window of spring 2013.


The company's Brighton branch released the image below on Twitter this morning. As well as a spring 2013 release window, the marketing material features new artwork and advises consumers to "pre-order now to avoid disappointment".

Rockstar was unavailable to comment at the time of writing. We're also seeking comment from GAME, which has since deleted the Twitter entry in question.

It's the second batch of GTA 5 marketing material to show up on the internet in the past few days. Over the weekend images supposedly showing European pre-order posters for the game also carried a GTA 5 release date of spring 2013.

While we're still awaiting an official announcement from Rockstar, GameStop UK recently listed the GTA 5 release date as March 1, 2013.

A bunch of new GTA 5 details will arrive next Thursday, November 8 when a digital edition of the latest issue of Game Informer is released.

Rockstar released the last batch of GTA 5 screenshots in August, showing off a police chase featuring plenty of cars and a chopper.