Capcom hits £32m half-year profit

Resident Evil 6 shipping helps push revenue to £354 million

Publishing giant Capcom has made £354 million in sales for the six months ending September, the company has announced.


The strong revenue figure (up 55% from last year) has pushed the company's profits up to £32 million, due in part to the open-world game Dragon's Dogma "exceeding expectations".

Also factored in was the shipping of 3.7 million copies of Resident Evil 6 - a game that will likely have an influence of the company's second-half earnings report.

The encouraging sales figures come after weeks of difficulties for Capcom as it faced a barrage of criticism from fans of the Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil 6 proved to be one of the most divisive games ever, with professional critic reviews scoring the game anything between 2/10 and 95% - the overall average is about 67%.

But the overall sales appear to be a more clear-cut success. Capcom said the 3.7 million shipped units was a "good result". However, with the project being one of the most expensive in Capcom's history, whether it will yield a profit is another matter entirely.

Its predecessor, Resident Evil 5, sold 5.8 million copies worldwide in the two years since launch, making it the best selling single release in the series.