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2013 preview: The 15 big Wii U games of next year

Looking beyond the launch...

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8. Bayonetta 2


Publisher: Nintendo
ETA: TBC 2013

The internet clamoured for a sequel - and then, the internet spewed caustic bile at the news Bayonetta 2 would be exclusive to Wii U. A brief teaser is all we have at present - expect hair and motorcycle-related madness.

9. The Wonderful 101


Publisher: Nintendo
ETA: TBC 2013

Colourful RTS from Hideki Kamiya - the man responsible for Okami and Bayonetta - who brings his creative idiosyncrasies to the table with heroes such as "Toilet Bowl Man", fighting to save the earth from an alien invasion. The Wonderful 101 puts the GamePad's features at the centre of the gameplay, offering touch-screen squad controls and access to areas hidden on the upper screen.

10. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


Publisher: Capcom
ETA: March 2013

In addition to ports from non-Nintendo platforms, Wii U will see its first rejigging of a Wii game in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Players who poured hundreds of hours into the original may be a little disappointed to see straight-sequel Monster Hunter 4 confined to the 3DS, but it's hard not to be excited by the prospect of Tri being rendered in high definition, along with expanded online features and 3DS compatibility.

11. Need for Speed: Most Wanted


Publisher: Electronic Arts
ETA: Spring 2013

Developers Criterion are going more Burnout: Paradise than Hot Pursuit with the latest Need for Speed, an expansive sandbox racer. By the time the Wii U version comes around, the game will have been available on other platforms for a good few months - what will EA do with the GamePad to make it an essential purchase?

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