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2013 preview: The 15 big Wii U games of next year

Looking beyond the launch...

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12. Sacrilegium


Publisher: TopWare Interactive
ETA: Summer 2013

Whatever "Sacrilegium" means, it's not a good title for anything. Regardless, Sacrilegium will be the Wii U's second survival horror title after ZombiU. Hopefully developers Reality Pump will find an inventive implementation of the GamePad as a tool for hunting vampires; touch-screen steak ramming? Or perhaps just an inventory screen.

13. Wii Fit U


Publisher: Nintendo
ETA: Spring 2013

Nintendo aren't the type to be sparing with peripheral requirements, but Wii Fit U really takes things to another level with its suite of electronic appendages. Between the GamePad, Balance Board, Wii Remotes, and now the pedometer, you might not have any room left for the sofa. Still, if its predecessor is anything to go by, Wii Fit U should be a solid enough sweat-'em-up.

14. Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2


Publisher: Tecmo Koei
ETA: Spring 2013

The latest in a series of fighters based on the anime/manga of the same name, primarily involving punching and pulp-beaten hordes. Ken's Rage will also be unleashed on 360 and PS3, but only the Wii U version allows you to start a level in the living room and finish it on the loo.

15. Dragon Quest X


Publisher: Square Enix
ETA: TBC 2013

Already available for Wii in Japan, DQX will likely benefit from dual-screens in the same way the DS iterations of the series have, with stats and battle commands only a touch away. No confirmed release for Europe yet, but considering how strongly Nintendo pushed Dragon Quest IX in the West, it's hard to imagine its successor being forever absent from these shores.

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