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Molyneux's Curiosity dated

Free iOS and Android game launching in early November

Curiosity: What's inside the Cube, the debut release from Peter Molyneux and his colleagues at 22 Cans, has been given a November 7 release date.


The project was initially expected to launch in August but suffered a number of delays.

"At last we have just got App Store approval," Molyneux said on Twitter. "Curiosity will be Free on both Android and iOS.

"The development has been a fascinating ride, release will be 10x fascinating."

Curiosity will place all players in the same virtual room containing a single cube that users tap away at, causing fractures. Eventually the cube will break open, revealing something "truly amazing" and "absolutely unique", according to Molyneux, but only the player who delivers the decisive final tap will get to see what.

22 Cans has courted publicity by revealing plans to release a £50,000 DLC item for the game in the form of a diamond chisel many times more powerful than a standard tapping tool.