Best iPad games: Heads Up! Hot Dogs

Another offbeat treat from iOS kings Adult Swim

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Best iPad games: Heads Up! Hot Dogs

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Adult Swim's App Store hot streak continues with the game it describes as "the most realistic hot-dog-head-balancing game EVER". It's a tagline which sums up the kind of stupid, throwaway fun to be had in Heads Up, a welcome iOS antidote to the relentless march of men with guns in the Q4 console games jam.

Heads Up! is about the three second rule: you must pick up hot dogs falling from above to 'rescue' them from the grubby pathways below. With a careful drag and drop of the finger, the obvious solution is to place the gristly delights atop the heads of the commuters strolling by. As reconstituted meat-in-a-bun begins to rain down with greater and greater intensity, your epic quest spreads across the globe. Soon you are crowning hipsters in New York, policemen on the tube in London and dudes in dragon costumes in Beijing.

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Heads Up's look recalls an old arcade shooter Point Blank, and its attitude is similar too - gurning cartoon caricatures rendered in big blocky pixels and bold colour. There's a deliberately awful seventies typeface in the menus between games, and the chirpy chiptune soundtrack is provided by knife city and Space Boyfriend.

Heads Up! is yet another App Store treat from publisher Adult Swim, developed by two-man team Emmett Butler and Diego Garcia. It adds a vital streak of silly, oddball fun to the App Store, the perfect counterpoint to the deluge of hype around the blockbusters arriving on 360 and PS3 right now.

Heads Up! Hot Dogs is 69p on the App Store. Download it here.