Wii U advert says 'This is how U will play next'

US commercial released ahead of this month's console launch

Nintendo of America has released its Wii U advertising campaign launch video.


"The all new Wii U. This is how U will play next," it says at the beginning and end of a montage showing players using the upcoming console.

The first British Wii U TV advert features a cringey voiceover listing a host of hardware features and capabilities ("shoot at the TV like never before: sping, sping, sping, sping"), while detailing a range of software.

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Nintendo has confirmed a Wii U release date of November 18 in the US, and a Wii U release date of November 30 in Europe. The company has set the US Wii U price at $299 for the basic model, while the UK Wii U price starts at £230.